A javascript error occurred in the main process

I cant open the browser getting below error… Please help.

Hi @vjbollavarapu,

Can you provide some context please.

What were you doing to get this error? (How to reproduce it). What platform you’re on etc.

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I see this error regularly when I have NODE_ENV = "dev" set permanently on my system and I try to execute a version of SAFE browser that’s intended to connect to Alpha-2.

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I am trying to open the safe browser @joshuef. I am failed no of times.

Yes. I have that in my system variables permanently @hunterlester. Do I have to remove that?? I have mock version browser and because of that I keep that system variable.

If you want to execute a non-mock browser to connect to a live network, then you need to make sure the environment variable NODE_ENV=dev is not set at the time of execution. Otherwise, keep it set permanently, however just open the directory that contains the executable in a (powershell) terminal session and run $env:NODE_ENV = "", which will last only as long as the terminal session, before executing SAFE browser.

At the moment are you trying to interface with mock routing? Or with the live network?

If you are intending to interface with mock routing, are you using a mock version of the browser?
If you are intending to connect to live network, are you using a non-mock version of the browser?

The only way we can help you, Vijay, is if you please provide as much information as possible.

At the time of execution, which version of SAFE Browser were you using?
Did you build it yourself from source code or did you download it?
What is the value of your NODE_ENV system variable?

If this is a packaged release that you downloaded, execute it from your terminal, so that you can read the log output and also share it here.


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