Account does not exist

This is a weird one.
I asked for a new alpha2 invite last night and was promptly sent one. I was wanting to try out Zignals

While downloading the updated mobile authenticator and the Zignals app itself to a couple of Android phones, I used safe-browser-v0.13.0-linux-x64 to create a new account. I used a very simple phrase for both secret and password which I stuck in a text document for quick cut’n’paste
in Irvine we rust a tagline from one of my first attempts at a SAFE site.
Logged in OK , opened WHM and put up a very quick template site at safe://guitar.ziggy.
Then I turned to the phones. updated the mobile authenticator to v1.3.0 and installed Zignals.

On neither phone could I open my new account - both failed with

Login Account does not exist. Thought this a bit strange as everything working OK on the laptop.

Called away to do family stuff and in the meantime the house power tripped (washing machine on the way out) So I powered up again and now I cannot log into the new account from anywhere - despite pasting the secret/password from the text doc I saved.
But the site I made is still available safe://guitar.ziggy WTF?

hey @southside, did you try to update your IP on invite server? Because you need to whitelist your IP address before you connect with alpha-2 network.

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Yes. Both phones and the laptop are using the same IP which has been (re)registered.
Phones are using the house wifi. No mobile data. Never tried to use use mobile data with alpha2, the IPP would keep changing.

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As @ravinderjangra says, are all the devices on the same IP address?
(Although if the problem was IP you should get an error to that effect rather than account doesn’t exist. Something to eliminate though.)

Ah, you beat me to it!

Hey @southside I found your issue. You’ve used a capital I for the word “In” :smile:

There are unique errors for each scenario:

  • CoreError: Could not connect to the SAFE Network
  • Account does not exitst
  • Incorrect password

P.S. I think I just did the first successful brute force attack on the SAFE Network :laughing:


I can confirm @lionel.faber’s resolution!

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d’oh I wrote it down but it’s a phrase I know so well I just typed it – sorry guys what a clown…

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Glad you got it fixed. Occam’s Razor in action there!

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I thought I had found a weird bug. I have experience with the CounterParty protocol “losing” passphrases for no apparent reason and funds being unavailable. That plus my own arrogance that I KNOW this phrase made me panic a bit.

Thanks again.