Any Ruby devs here?

Howdy howdy. Just curious if anyone developing apps for SAFE came/comes from the Ruby/RAILS world.

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G’day @mothman,

Wouldn’t say I was in the Ruby world but I wrote a import/export plugin for SketchUp in Ruby a few years back. Nice wee language with pretty good developer resources. I hadn’t thought about it for working with SAFE apps… until now.

Welcome to the community and enjoy yourself!



FYI @loureirorg (community forum) created SAFE-VFS, a
virtual drive in Ruby on alpha 1. I was looking for somebody to update that for alpha 2 for ages, finally gave up and started my own safenetwork-fuse
in NodeJS… so now you tell me! :slight_smile:


I really like Sketchup. It would be a great app for the Safe network.

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I’ve not been keeping as up to date with it these last couple of years. In my old place we were involved with both Google and Trimble on it. Based a bit of district/campus level modelling through it.

I went to see about a contract and used Sketchup to bring in a 3D model of a ship <for argument’s sake let’s say a type 45 whatever that is> and show how it could be evacuated in an emergency then same evacuation if a few of the stairwells and routes were out of commission somehow . Glad someone else got the commission on that sale when it came back from procurement once I was back in development.

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Thanks all. I suppose I should just start by getting my hands dirty with the tutorials and the SAFE browser package with mock routing. I’m curious what hurdles and gotchas I’m going to encounter coming from MVC OOP land.

@happybeing I did notice your comment below, which made me think I’ll find development in this space a bit challenging.

Thanks again everyone!


It is getting easier all the time as the API stabilises, the documentation matures, tutorials and examples are added - and helper libraries are on their way.

But the challenge and learning is the fun of it for many, certainly has been for me. Not long ago I couldn’t have contemplated the things I’m working on now, it the Solid Plume demo I made.

So I hope you will have a go and will be happy to try and help if you get stuck, as well others here.