Appendable Data Launcher API Docs

Is there any documentation for the safe_launcher appendable data and structured data safe_launcher APIs? If the answer is that the current best thing to do is to just clone the tutorial app and grep for appendable data API calls, that’s fine. I just want to make sure I’m not missing any obvious documentation.

On a related note: Is there a resource explaining the semantics of appendable and structured data concisely? I’ve found the relevant RFCs, and I’m sure they are enough to develop an understanding, but they seem to be aimed more at the core MaidSafe dev team (a little lower level than I need).


I’m working on the documentation for SAFE API v0.6, but it’s not available yet. I’ll update once it’s ready :slight_smile: My goal is to release it in less than 2 weeks.

what kind of info are you looking for exactly? in the updated documentation there will be pages that explain appendable data and structured data.

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I don’t know about the OP but I’d like a plain English description of those. Without background they are ambiguous despite being those names; yes, obvious immutable is stands unchanged and appendable is that but is structured data appendable or are their three flavours. Where can the data be stored - are there any limits to visibility for apps for example.

Simple use cases might be a good way of showing the reason for their existing in the way they do.

From an app’s perspective I wonder there is choice of SAFEDrive that is accessible to all; or app’s own drive that is either private or not.

What are the limits on the size of each type?.., are they all 100KB.

While the details might be out their somewhere, it will be good to see the docs as a single reference point for the keys concepts and detail. The ones that exist are more obvious…, though perhaps still the intent for what will exist for overwrite file is not clear.


The docs for the NFS API are pretty good. I was just hoping for something along those lines. The example usage was particularly helpful for me. It is good to hear that the docs are on their way!

It does seem like Appendable Data is a little more complicated conceptually than a simple NFS API, so it might be nice to see a discussion of the engineering trade-offs and capabilities that Appendable Data provides.

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The docs linked to in the tutorial ( look pretty good, but if possible it would be nice to have a short example for each endpoint. Having both an example and the spec is always super useful.

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Have you seen the new documentation for SAFE API v0.6? There are now pages for Structured Data and Appendable Data.

I think that’s a good idea, but I would prefer to wait until we move to Mutable Data before adding an example for each endpoint. I recommend looking at the SAFE Dev Tutorials for examples of how to use the low-level API.

If anything is unclear with the current documentation, just let me know :slight_smile: