Are there any plans to update safe-nodejs?

Hey @joshuef are there any plans to update safe-nodejs after sequence data type is fully implemented into vault phase 2b or does it make more sense to just keep on building out the safe-api whilst the rest of the data types are refined first? I am assuming the latter but I think safe-nodejs seems more approachable than the more in depth setups required currently.

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Sorry @Nigel didn’t see this!

Plans are currently to get sequence in, and then likely move to replace prior APIs utilising this.

Ideally we want to keep the APIs functionally the same. So hopefully for anyone building atop the current situation an upgrade would look like a find and replace for appendable -> sequence. But we’ll see more as we get there :+1:

cc @bochaco as he’s working on the seq impl so may have a clearer vision of how things will progress


Well, we currently don’t expose any data type APIs except for ImmutableData, we only have the abstractions APIs, like FilesContainers and NRSMaps, etc., and we are trying to not touch them at the moment even they will be using a Sequence instead of an AppendOnlyData as the storage.

In addition to that change, which shouldn’t affect any app using existing API, we will try to expose the Sequence API, so devs can store and append to Sequences any type of data and with any format they want, we’ll be adding this to safe-nodejs once we get the first iteration of the Sequence API in safe-api and CLI for sure.


Okay, good to know! safe-nodejs looked pretty out of date to me but understandably so. Looking forward to the update whenever it comes. Thanks guys, the progress is amazing.


Don’t want to come across as antsy but does this commit mean nodejs is up to speed? :smiley:

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No, not yet I think. The bindings will take a bit of work to get in place.


Okay, wasn’t sure the level of work required but looked promising anyhow. Thank you :blush:

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It isn’t masses of work but several steps including the prospect of updating docs and/or supporting us digging into it, all of which are probably still lower priority than the testnets. So while it could happen quite quickly, I wouldn’t be surprised it if takes a while.