AUDIO tag stops SAFE Browser from rendering

I’m working on a SAFE App that makes use of AUDIO tags. It looks like the including an AUDIO tag causes the SAFE Browser to stop rendering tabs; the page with the AUDIO tag will render, then rendering stops. Previously rendered tabs stay rendered until refresh, new tabs and refreshes do not render. Window > Developer Tools > Reload Shell Window causes the whole window to go blank outside the menu (all tabs are lost). Closing and restarting the SAFE Browser fixes the problem in any case.

If the audio is set to autoplay and the html file with the AUDIO tag is reloaded, the audio will in fact play even with no tab rendered, indicating something is still happening under the hood.

I have seen this behavior opening a local .html file from disk as well as opening a safe:// URL that was uploaded using the web_hosting_manager into the mocknet. I’m using the 0.6.0 SAFE Browser.

Here is an example HTML file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<HTML LANG="en">
    <META CHARSET="utf-8"/>
    <META NAME="viewport" CONTENT="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
    <TITLE>Music Player</TITLE>
    <P><A HREF="index.html">Back to splash.</A></P>
    <AUDIO src="file.mp3" controls="true"></AUDIO>


Try it with any file.mp3 you have sitting around.

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Hey @joshuef would you happen to know about this? Not sure if this is exclusive to safe browser fork or if it’s a possible issue for Paul Frazee.

Some extra comments:

I searched both and for issues related to Audio tags, but could not find any case in which the rendered display was relevant.

As a side note, I’m new to the community. I get the impression the forums is where it’s at, but my instinct for open source projects is always to file an issue like this to GitHub ( Counting issues on GitHub versus Support forum here, Support forum overwhelmingly seems preferred.

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Hey @BryanB,

I haven’t tried to replicate yet, but there’s a few issues that seem to crash the render process thus far (and kill the processes, especially with devtools as you note).

So, just to be clear, you replicated this when running from file:/// protocol on your HD, correct? (Which should rule out some custom protocol issues).

On another note, for reporting issues, you can certainly make a github issue. I think a lot of people ask first on the forum as the response time is faster; we’ve a lot of community members who’ve been through the basic setup steps etc who can often answer questions, for eg.

But yes, please do open a github issue and we’ll track it from there. :+1:

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Thanks for the quick response @joshuef .

To confirm: yes, I used the file:// protocol with the SAFE Browser and still experienced the reported problem.

I’ll make a GitHub issue shortly. Thanks for the help understanding the Support and GitHub divide.


Posted issue to

The delay was because the issue template asks for Beaker version. I was trying to figure that out, gave up, and posted SAFE Browser version assuming that will tie into an upstream Beaker version.

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Good catch. We’ll get that updated :+1:

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