Hey everybody,

I’ve been working on a library and am now putting up a bit of money to move it along.

I have created this Repo for the BabySAFE API, which is a project where the goal is to create a very simple modular copy / paste collection of buttons that do various things on SAFE. (Link to SAFE main API)

You can see the website demo here:

I think it is a good community investment, since Alpha 2 will be around for a long time. So this repo will help everybody.

I really think that this type of API should become the long-term goal here, as we continue to create the network, so we can really continue to lower the barrier of entry to anyone looking to make a world-changing app on SAFE.

I think this project will really help everybody. Did the upload issue with the safe_browser get fixed yet? Some of these buttons upload data. I had invited a few devs to this project privately and now we are posting this publicly, for anyone to claim and work on.

Should be a simple copy and paste from some of the other SAFE apps that are already live on Alpha 2. Thanks!


Have you looked into what is already being worked on?

I started a thread about higher level APIs here: JS Wrapper or Higher Level API

Two GitHub repos already exist that I’ve found:

Feel free to add yours on that thread, too, if you think it’d help.

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Is anyone able to work on this?

MoinhoDigital/websafe is working pretty well. We’re able to do a lot with it. It just needs better documentation so everyone can start using it. It uses async/await pattern, since it’s native to SAFE Browser and it’s made so you can import individual functions, making it really really small. We’re still testing it on an app close to releasing, after that we’ll have some time to document and release 1.0, and you’ll be able to just install npm i -S websafe and start using.


sweet !! thanks a lot for that, this will really help and save time