Best way to use on ios and Android? HTTP calls?

Hello folks, I found this project because I realized IPFS is not ready to run on mobile and I searched for decentralized file storage.

I am really excited to have discovered the safe network. My question is about using the network from mobile devices. On desktop I will use the CLI. What interface is possible to use on mobile devices? can I do just JSON HTTP calls to somewhere? I’m sorry if this is a big newb question that has been answered. But I only found a thread from 2016 directly related to this.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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Hi and welcome to the Safe Network Dev forum.

At this time most of the discussions about this is happening on the Safe Network community forum where that are plenty of people who can help including the core developers working on the code itself. There is a beginners category where many questions such as this are answered. Feel free to join and I welcome you in advance to that forum :slight_smile:

There is a lot of work going into the UI for the Safe network which will include desktops and mobile. Eventually there will be browser apis. At this time bug fixes and final implementation of the core code is happening.

Welcome Tom, as Rob says you may want to check out the community forum but this is the place for developers to get into details and you also find useful information and examples here.

The easiest and quickest way to support mobile (and desktop) will be to build web apps which run in the browser. Plenty of people have built demos using this approach on earlier testnets, using the old APIs and you find examples here. There are many advantages to this including ensuring that apps can’t bypass user controls and send data home, stealing data and violating privacy, because the Safe Browser prevents this.

For native mobile there will be native APIs, but these will take longer to get ready than the browser API I expect, so bear that in mind. For now though you only have the CLI which obviously isn’t adequate for apps, but once the testnets are a bit more stable the APIs will be updated. In the mean time is possible to get ahead of the game by designing and prototyping based on how we expect the APIs to look.

Good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

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