Can anyone build Mock-Routing on Win?

I’m an idiot!!! Yesterday I try to compile the safe_clients_libs doing, more or less, the same step and always I have an error in rust_sodium because I didn’t download the right version. With the right release I compiled at first.

We don`t need to compile the binary of Launcher. Only replace the safe_core.dll of the launcher with the new one in safe-launcher-v0.11.0-win-x64\resources\app.asar.unpacked\dist


What!? I spent hours trying to compile the Launcher and running into all sorts of dependency issues when all it needed was to drop a file into a folder? :frowning:

Ah well, put that one down to experience!


Just so anyone reading this thread knows, the solution has been achieved by several talented developers, including @JPL , @maxweng , @mav , @digipl , and general help from others.

MaidSafe Asia also paid out these small bounties to the devs for the effort!

The end result is the open source repo below, where you can download everything you need to use & develop for the SAFE Network right now, and 23 included SAFE apps! All powered by mock-routing :slight_smile: