Can I has a "dev support" category please?


Looking at the current category structure and imagining I am a developer trying to do something on/with Safe and get stuck, I am not sure where I am supposed to ask about this: nothing appears appropriate.

I know that things are meant to be split into where the problem occurs, but I might as well not be able to tell. If CSP hits me or images don’t load and I haven’t heard about this before, where would I present the error and ask for support? Can we maybe have a dev support category?

(or as ‘dev’ is implied here, just a help or support category?)

I gladly take over moderation for it (if someone bumps me up to be moderating. hint, hint, hint @frabrunelle)


I think it would be appropriate to ask in the #general category.


If #general is meant for that the description isn’t clear about that at all:

Considering this is on top-level with #launcher, #rfcs and #routing I also don’t think #general is meant for that. Rather than big-picture discussions and things that effect the system as a whole (rather than one specific component). I don’t think that would be an appropriate place for the topic “help, my app doesn’t start”.

Aside from that, my entire point being that there is no obvious category coming from an outsider perspective. The name "general"doesn’t really invite you to post it there…


Yes, my initial thinking was that devs could use the category where the problem occurs. For example, if you have a problem with the Launcher API, you could post about it in #launcher:api and maybe also add a “support” tag.

But I agree that we should try to make the process more obvious. Creating a #support category is a good idea, that’s what we did on the SAFE Network Forum:

Yes, I just added a #support category. #launcher:api could be used to discuss changes and improvements to the SAFE Launcher API while #support could be used by devs who need help to debug specific problems related to the SAFE Launcher API.

Sure, I just added you as a mod :slight_smile:

I think it would be OK to use #general for questions that are not related to the SAFE Launcher API (e.g. a general question about a programming language, a UI library, etc.). But for devs who need help with the SAFE Launcher API, I think it makes sense to have a dedicated #support category.



Double wohoo.

Thanks, @fabrunelle. Subscribing to #support right away!

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