Cheltenham JavaScript Meetup report (repost)

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I was thinking I might try to start a SAFE meetup in Gloucestershire but first decided to see what is already going on, whether it is likely to be feasible etc. So I went to my first Cheltenham JavaScript Meetup last night and had the chance to talk about my work as well as learn from guys who do JS for a living. It was like old times. :slight_smile:

There were five of us in total, all male, knowledgeable and helpful, age from early twenties to ancient (two of us :older_man: ) and the organiser is very friendly and enthusiastic.

We all brought laptops and each took time to show what we were working on, including of course me showing a bit about SAFE which went down well. Quite a ‘bit’ really! Once I start it is hard for me to stop :crazy_face: but the other projects were also impressive and I learned a lot from listening and watching, so I really enjoyed it.

If anyone near Gloucester, Cheltenham etc is interested in JavaScript or SAFE I highly recommend it and I’ll be going along regularly.

And if anyone is interested in a SAFE Meetup please let me know.

Here is the page on meetup:

Afterwards one of the guys messaged me about the javascript-dojo slack group so I’m trying to join that ATM.


Did you meet many GCHQ types in Cheltenham, Mark?

Well done, in any case for helping spread the word.


Shhhhhh. :male_detective:

Cheers :crazy_face:


No-one comes back from 'Nham unchanged.


I know a guy who came back from Cheltenham Festival unchanged. He had no change nor any other cash …
Serves him right for betting on the gee-gees…