Creating a Safe Website

Hello guys, wanna build a safe website, but can’t get the right folder structure I think. Followed the tutorial on How to develop for the SAFE Network (draft) developing a SAFE website. Created a new Folder and used the commands stated in the tutorial. I have to say I dont use gulp because I wanna hold it as simple as possible.

My folder Structure is as follows:

   build  (created by myself, not stated in the tutorial)
   index.html  (created by myself, not stated in the tutorial) 

If I use the command “run index” the website loads endlessly. Hope someone could help me with this.

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Please guys, anyone? I wanna build a Safe website from scratch and I want it to be as simple as possible in the beginning. Only the files I do not come around. Like index.html, index.js, css and js files. If I do it like so the page loads forever and the js and css files dont get loaded.

Edit: The js and css files get loaded but the page is always loading. Seems wrong to me.


I’m not sure if it will help, but you could look at Safe-todo-draw.
Ok, it uses Vue.js (MVC ‘layer’), but I’ve also tried to keep it simple.
When testing I also don’t use gulp, but ‘python3 -m http.server 8000’ (on Linux), started in dir of index.html. Then start ‘NODE_ENV=dev Peruse-…-Dev’ and go there to ‘localhost://p:8000’.
It doesn’t have to be 8000 of course.

Thanks for your answer but I wanna try it as described in the tutorial. I think it’s a pity that there is no good guide to build on.

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Did you check the DevHub?

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Thank you, checked that already but I am a little bit confused. What should I take now to develope a Web App? “SAFE Web App quick start” or “Safe Web api playground” ?

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Edit: Sry got it, it works now!