Creating new account requires at least one PUT. Who will pay for it?

As far as I understand at some point Safecoin will be implemented and all PUT operations will cost “money”.
But when a new user try to create new account he can’t pay because he does not have an account yet.
How he will pay for it?
Will the creation of account be exempt from PUT fees?

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Not as such, but it is likely that you can “almost” create an account, but it will not be written to the network proper until you get safecoin. So you can create an account, create an ID and have a safecoin transferred to it and then you are set. The safecoin can be from your vault or friend or some exchange.

If we made all accounts free then some human would spam the network with such requests for “fun”, regardless of it being a good thing to have for humanity, go figure, as a species we sometimes are a :biohazard: to ourselves :smiley:


I am afraid that I don’t understand how it can be written “not properly”. Will it use some special type of request/data type? Is there an RFC for that (I was unable to find more info)

No RFC yet and I don’t want to influence this too much, but for instance.

  1. You request an account
  2. The client managers hold this in memory
  3. You pay safecoin
  4. The client managers write this as an account forever.

If you only ask for an account and do not pay, then it is at risk of being deleted if funding it takes too long.

Hope this makes sense.

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You will find a wealth of discussions over this chicken-n-egg problem in the community forum as well

Maybe there is a slight misunderstanding of what the account is. The account holds information about your IDs etc, so in reality it can be held in your client’s (computer) memory until you have safecoin to write to the network. Until its written to the network then obviously its lost when you close the client.

You could also generate an ID, start a vault with that ID as the payment ID to use. Then when you have a safecoin, an hour or day or whatever later you start the account creation process again and add that ID and pay for account creation.