Documenting kademlia routing table

Documentation comments (//! and ///) were removed from (kademlia) routing_table when it was put back in routing crate. Can Maidsafe restore these comments because they contain very interesting explanations about kademlia routing table?

(I am referring to [routing/src/routing_table/] (

The routing_table module will have to be publicly exposed to generate documentation (pub mod routing_table; in routing/src/, but this is good thing because it contains useful functions for independent implementations or tests (and I suppose this is reason why it has been put in separate kademlia_routing_table crate for a while).

If Maidsafe doesn’t want to expose routing table, another solution would be to move this documentation to Xorable trait which is publicly exposed.

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Yes, we plan to put that text back into the routing crate documentation, but it needs a few updates first to reflect the latest changes to the group definition.