Documenting Safe Network development

@Pierce wrote

Scanning through the forum I see so many good ideas and extensive conversations. Little of which turn into formalized documentation.

Started (my first) topic as to how to go about this, collect as much of all the relevant information as possible and keeping track of it. Expressed interest in documenting Safe network development before and did look at a few index-and-then-search options but could not convince myself of its usefulness.

Vague notion this project should work from the new network also. Which maybe would constitute a step towards being able to search its content too. Wondering whether the Faroo-guy knows about us or maybe needs a hint and also have been seen staring at this post in our forum once or twice ;o)

Probably settle for a more short term practical solution but not doing this all by hand? So not all that able but willing and do need input …


Maybe recreate this timeline website and use a different theme / background to do a Dev Version of it, that documents all technical changes instead of company history.

I made that open source on my Github

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Yes that’s another somewhat lesser concern, presentation. In your case the content is static. When it concerns an indexed listing of sorts you have to take care the information is updated regularly or it’ll be useless in no time. So once you’ve established exactly what information from where you want to ‘collate’ the next question is, how to set this up so the process kind of runs by itself, without too much redaction?