Error: Cannot load app


Getting a lot of instances of this error in Firefox when visiting here… don’t see the same on the general forum; so, not clear why.

Cannot load app
It looks like you are offline! Please check your network connection and try again.

Force refresh pressing Shift and reload works…



I have that on my phone too on both forums when I have a less reliable internet connection

But only then… (just thought I’d mention it)


I’ve had this on and off for this site for ages, but am increasingly getting it with the main forum too (with Firefox mobile or desktop).


Could be the connection from here… odd though as it’s only the dev forum for me. It’s like cloudflare or something dumb in the way.


I think the forums are hosted on different servers. So there will be differences connection wise.


Today I started seeing it on the Standard forums, in Watrerfox and in Chrome.


Which browser are you using? Are you using any add-ons such as ad blockers or Privacy Badger?

I found this relevant topic on the Discourse Meta forum:


Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit) on Linux Mint
with the noscript add-on enabled for the domain and with none others obvious.

As another suggests on your link:

It only matters if the addon at all is enabled in about:addons . I’m quite sure this is a bug

and I wonder it’s been fixed as I’ve not seen it in a while.