Error handling history in solid-filemanager

Related to my solid-auth-client for SAFE, I have an error in the solid-filemanager app related to browser history.

I’m wondering if it is SAFE Browser related because I guess it is not happening in clearweb stuff and don’t think it is related to my code.

Anyway, if you know a bit about handling history and getting stuff out of events I’d appreciate your thoughts on this:

a quick check in firefox for window.location.state shows it doesn’t exist for me normally

context from link:

I’m seeing solid-filemanager error because it’s handlePop() (see is passed location where location.state is not defined,

Thanks Josh, the solid-filemanager code is using a history module, and that is constructing the location object from an event object (getDOMLocation(historyState) gets state from historyState.state and then uses createLocation(path, state, key) to create the location object).

So I was finding it hard to know what that is and what is/isn’t permitted.

Looks like it should be optional though, so useful input.

@joshuef thanks - have found it is a bug in old latest v4.9.0 version of history: it checks if event.state is undefined but not for null! Submitted ReactTraining/history issue #708

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