Error on SafeNfs.delete()

I’m using DOM API safeNfs() and can create files and insert into the container, but on safeNfs() delete I get the following error (although I have requested and granted ‘Delete’ permissions):

Core error: Routing client error -> Entry actions are invalid: {[47, 114, 101, 109, 111, 116, 101, 115, 116, 111, 114, 97, 103, 101, 47, 109, 121, 102, 97, 118, 111, 114, 105, 116, 101, 100, 114, 105, 110, 107, 115, 47, 119, 104, 105, 115, 107, 101, 121]: InvalidSuccessor(0)}

Is this saying I’m passing the wrong version? I’m trying to pass the version of the mutable data (container), so I think I’m doing the right thing, so want to understand if that is what the message is saying, or if there is anything else that can cause this error message.


That’s the cause of the error, I believe: please try to pass the entry version instead and see if it works.

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Thanks. I was doing that earlier I believe - which should it be?

Will poke around a bit more this afternoon.

Just increment a current version number (i.e. entry_version + 1).

Please let me know if it works and if you have any other questions about it. :slight_smile:

Yeh, I just tried that as you posted - seems to do the trick! Thanks loads for the quick responses and… on to the next error :slight_smile: