Error using Peruse dev browser v0.6.0


I am following this tutorial – – but I can only ever successfully connect once. After the first time I refresh the browser I get the error below (I am setting NODE_ENV=dev, then opening Peruse from that shell):

Uncaught (in promise)
E {message: “Core error: Routing client error -> Account does not exist for client”, stack: “-101↵ at module.exports (/Applications/Peruse.a…s/app.asar/node_modules/ffi/lib/callback.js:66:25”}
message: “Core error: Routing client error -> Account does not exist for client”
stack: “-101↵ at module.exports (/Applications/↵ at args.push.ffi.Callback.restArgs (/Applications/↵ at /Applications/”
proto: Error
at makeError (/Applications/
at module.exports (/Applications/
at args.push.ffi.Callback.restArgs (/Applications/
at /Applications/
step @ App.css?9a66:26
(anonymous) @ App.css?9a66:26

Routing client error -> Account does not exist for client

Hi Nick, let’s get you sorted.

I recommend upgrading to the latest release or building from the master branch as there have been many fixes and enhancements since 0.6.0

From where did you download Peruse dev@0.6.0? You may need a --mock flag when executing.


@hunterlester @Nick_Virag, be aware of this known issue:
I’m not fully sure but it could be that


A couple months ago I posted a question and was told to download a specific browser. Here is the link.


I downloaded 0.7.0 and passed --args --mock when opening the app. Still experiencing the same issue though :confused: .


Are you deleting your MockVault directory after the error occurs? Is the error consistently occurring after starting with a fresh MockVault flie?

Use this doc to find MockVault. Most likely /tmp/MockVault.


Yes, I tried that, and the error occurs every time. I also just tried the most recent version of safe_web_app_quick_start and I get the same error after refreshing once.


Are you refreshing a browser tab where the content is safe_web_app_quick_start?

Are you observing the error at any other time or only when using safe_web_app_quick_start?

This is looking like an issue with the web app and not the browser.
I’ll get in there and see if I can reproduce.


Yes I am refreshing the browser, and I experience this with the other web app I am working on, Jams. Though I used safe_web_app_quick_start to inform how I built the API methods in Jams.


What operating system do you use?


I’m using OSX, and on High Sierra I believe. I don’t have my computer with me so I’m not sure which version exactly. I can be more detailed when I get home.


High Sierra v10.13.6