Errors when accessing immutable data

The website safe://safetube.jam will sometimes load all videos first time, but other times will return some of the videos and errors like this:

And usually when the yellow refresh button is clicked all videos with no errors (even if there were errors the first time) will be returned much faster than when the website first gets the videos.
Why does this happen?

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I suspect such timeout errors would be related to the rate limiter in test18. But can’t be sure. (I’ve had similar timeout issues in the past. It would explain why it sometimes works, other times not)

Do you have the safe browser logs for when this happens?

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Here is the log for safetube

I think you are right about the rate limiter, but why are videos retrieved faster after being requested the second time around?

After they were first successfully loaded? I’d guess caching, perhaps. Possibly in browser and possibly on the network (you can disable browser cache in the devtools if you want to check this)

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