Extensions for SAFE Browser

Hi there, I’m contemplating hiring someone to develop a SAFE Browser extension; can anyone share details on what programming skills and language knowledge would be needed to accomplish the task?


Also, I’d like to have an idea of the work involved…so it would be great to have suggestions on documentation I can have a look at to have a better understanding

Before hiring someone, consider that although possible to fork SAFE Browser and add an extension to it, this would be quite a different experience then say developing an extension for Firefox or Chrome.
Anyone wanting to use your extension would have to use your whole fork of SAFE Browser instead of simply installing your extension in their already existing browser.

A developer would need to know React, Redux, and Electron.
What I’d do is study the safe extension implementation and how the extension gets pulled into the browser in components.js and index.js.

Until we get the browser to a place where people can install add-on extensions, I’d hold off on hiring a dev to do the work.


Thank you, exactly the info I needed. I suppose it’s too early to ask when (roughly) the expandability for the browser is planned to be implemented?