FFI repo - where is it?

  1. Which repo contains the FFI code? Is it safe_client_libs?
  2. Can I compile it for Android (arm)? How?
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Hi Daniel,

Yes, ffi is here:

Use dev branch for newer data type.

Here’s a resource of general information regarding cross compiling in Rust:

@Kumar is building a safe_app java library for Android

What is your host architecture?

I’d love to help you with support.
I’m personally interested in cross compiling to ARM architecture because I want to run vaults on such.


The safe_app module has issue with cross compilation for ARM. AFAIK, brotli-sys has problems during cross compilation. @ustulation, might be better in explaining the issue.

We are trying out simple samples with JNR for FFI integration with android. Plan is to make sure JNR works fine on Android and then have a safe_app_java library which will serve as the API for java desktop applications and also for Android.