First Thread Ever

This is == 20 chars.


let me be the first non-safer to post in this forum :slight_smile:

this is a small step for mankind :smiley: but a huge step for a little wannabe-dev :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

very very very cool!


I ACK this development.

2 Likes back when I was using that, was one of the largest dev forums on the net.
I wonder there are now others I’ve not heard of like which seems to be on a list of List Of The World’s Top 10 Biggest Forums from last year.

Anyhow, I posted a thread there at Alpha and a couple of the senior members noted it… linked now here so here’s hoping some devs find there way SAFEly.

SAFE Network Alpha Release! - JavaScript and AJAX forum at WebmasterWorld - WebmasterWorld

Hi all!

For once I don’t have anything to say :wink:


That’s way deeper than my original post :smiley:

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You beat me to first Smartarse badge tho :wink:

…but I’m going for the first Trouble maker badge:

@frabrunelle can we have our own Dev forum logo?


I would like to thank my parents, my family and friends for their constant encouragement in this grueling quest for greatness - would have been impossible without the support of my fans … etc


Indeed, I blame my parents too. Lol


Sure :smiley:

I was thinking it would make sense to use the new SAFE Network logo.

Once the design files for the new logo are made publicly available on, we could create a logo for the SAFE Dev Forum. It could be the SAFE Network logo + the text “SAFE Dev Forum” (we could choose any font we want, e.g. Open Sans)

What do you think?


I was joking, though of course it’s nice to have a logo but helpful if it is different IMO. Because it makes it clearer which forum you are on (I have both open in different windows or tabs for example), and for new people, it makes it obvious that there are two different forums.

Unless there is another way of making the two visually different - such as with slightly tinted backgrounds, or something? We could modify the logo in a distinctive way - maybe changing the colour. I think it needs to be obviously distinctive to work.

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Yeah, I agree it could be useful to make it slightly different. For example, we could change the color of the logo to black or gray instead of blue :slight_smile:


I’m a fan! And I don’t just say that because of the legendary facial hair!!

You guys at MaidSafe truly do have many fans, every single one of you


And sadly I am so far behind you all that I am still removing the mountains of dust from my face.

Maybe I can go for the wooden spoon badge :tired_face:

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Just head in a different direction and you’ll be at the front :wink: