Framework 7 - iOS, Android, Electron, etc.

Create mobile and desktop apps using the framework you love, and just HTML/CSS/JavaScript…

Supports Svelte, React, Vue.js, etc. for iOS, Android, Electron (and more):

With such stunning set of UI components that Framework7 provides right from the box, it allows to create web apps, progressive web apps (PWA) and iOS and Android apps with native look and feel.

Framework7 paired with extra tools like Electron and NW.js allows to build native desktop apps.

You can use any tools you love when working with Framework7. It doesn’t force you to use anything except plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Creating apps with Framework7 is easy as creating website.

And in addition to vanilla JavaScript library, Framework7 comes with Vue.js, React and Svelte components to bring components-syntax, structured data and data bindings with power and simplicity of Vue.js, React or Svelte.

Framework7 comes with a stunning and unreachable set of ready to use UI elements and widgets like dialogs, popup, action sheet, popover, list views, tabs, side panels, layout grid, preloader, form elements, cards and many many more…

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@happybeing, can this framework be used to create a front end layer
optimized for future use of a Safe Net based back-end?

Absolutely. I haven’t gone into it at all but that is what it is for.

Thank you for the answer and I am sorry, I asked the wrong question.
I meant, can this framework be used to create a front-end layer, that would initially work as a centralized client-server application but optimized for the future use of SafeNet libraries and the simplest migration to the back end based on SafeNet?

The answer is yes, but that’s not unique to this framework. Whatever you use to build your front end you will then need to provide a way of moving it from one backend to another.

TLDR: The work remains building something for one backend and then changing that for another at some level in your code. Various ways to tackle this, and some frontends may make that easier than others (less opinionated the better) but it is hard to say which will be easier without getting into the details.

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I have awareness of course, thank you. :grinning: