Getting Started - Nov 2021 edition

Hey I’m looking to do some proof of concept work with the Safe APIs. I’ve looked around this forum and the DevHub site and I don’t see any documentation on how I could go about this. Is there a test network running right now? Is there a way I could run my own test network and develop against it? How would I start doing that?


There is no official test net running at the moment as there is implementation/debug of perhaps the last major component into the network. Once the network is able to operate in a reasonable fashion I am sure there will be more test nets.

The community forum has many who are developing APPs for the network discussing things as well as a lot of general discussions. Also the weekly updates are posted typically Thursday night (friday morning depending on your country)

There is a lot more information over at the community forum

What Rob said, plus while you can run your own local testnets, the APIs aren’t updated so that won’t help much for now, except in getting familiar with the capabilities (e.g. using the command line interface). So for now, DevHub, dev docs and examples are all out of date.

You could develop front end with a test backend for now but we’re waiting for the next testnet and once that’s stable I expect someone will be updating the API and the browser.

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Thanks for the answers @rob and @happybeing. I have resubscribed to the dev updates and I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next testnet.

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The topic may have been ‘solved’, but I might draw your attention to this post, which I posted over three years ago SAFE Desktop App Tutorial. I too was trying to ‘do some proof of concept work’. That was over three years ago. Nothing fundamental seems to have changed since then. At the time, happybeing provided some useful advice. If he reads this, perhaps he would let mplorentz and myself know when we can start using the sytem. Three years time perhaps?

I don’t know when the network will be “usable” (depends on what you want to do as well as when it is regarded stable), but I am optimistic it won’t be three years! Having said that I’ve always been expecting it sooner than that :sunglasses:

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