Handling Stale GitHub Issues?

I wasn’t sure whether to make this a GitHub issue or a forum topic. I went with a forum topic since it applies to multiple GitHub repos afaik.

Seems that some of the older GitHub issues are piling up slowly. Clutter aside, from the perspective of a newcomer, it’s made the process of figuring out which issues I can potentially help out with rather unintuitive.

Some don’t even seem to be relevant anymore from what I can tell (e.g. #967 and #774 in client-libs). Others are just old and it isn’t clear whether they’re still in motion or not (sorting issues by age yields a good number of issues that haven’t been touched since circa 2018).

I see we have an invalid tag, but, at least in client-libs, it hasn’t been ever used from what I can tell. It might be more work than it’s worth to scan through each issue individually and make sure it’s still ok, (especially because I’m sure devs are busy doing other things), but I also think that it would be beneficial to find a way to reliably keep stale issues quarantined. That would make it easier to find things to work on for newcomers, and it would make it clear for contributors when the list of “good for newcomers” issues is running stale and could be refreshed (there was a guy who was manually maintaining issues with “easy”, “good for newcomers”, etc. tags, but it seems he’s moved on from the project and those issues are about a year old now also).

That said, maybe an automated solution for closing issues (based on a quick Google search, maybe something like probot-stale or similar) could help out with this? Thoughts?