Having Trouble Building a Mock Beaker Browser Authenticator Plugin

I’ve been trying to get a mock beaker-browser/authenticator built, and I’m running into compile issues. With rustc 1.17, I cloned the repo, installed the npm deps and did npm run build-libs -- --features=mock-routing as well as npm run build-libs:mock and just plain npm run build-libs. In all cases the build fails informing me that the libs depend on two different versions of sodium (v0.3.0 and v0.2.0). native/Cargo.lock does indeed list two different versions of the rust_sodium crate. I’m wondering if anyone here has any insight into what might be going wrong (I’m not enough of a rust dev to know if this means there is something weird in my environment).

Hi @ethanpailes, there are some PRs under review which will fix that shortly.

Cool. I’ll try again when those get merged.

Hi @ethanpailes, you should be able to build the browser now with no issues.