Headless version of SAFE Launcher

Somewhere i read about an upcoming RFC for a “headless” version of the SAFE launcher. Is the assumption correct, that “headless” means it is the present SAFE launcher without the electron stuff somehow? A version of the SAFE launcher we can run on VPSs without GUI would be really nice (easy mobile App development, custom external stroage for owncloud and so on)

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You read this here:

And it is sorta correct.

When we say headless launcher, we mean something that exposes the functionality of the current launcher (API, Access Management, etc) without the necessity to have a GUI or any window manager whatsoever. What exactly that will look like (as in the current thing “without the electron stuff” or changes in “safe_core” or maybe a different software altogether) is still up for debate once the RFC lands. I do have a draft but it needs a little more time before I can raise it for public debate just yet.


Great! Looking forward to get into the RFC.