Headless version of SAFE Launcher


Somewhere i read about an upcoming RFC for a “headless” version of the SAFE launcher. Is the assumption correct, that “headless” means it is the present SAFE launcher without the electron stuff somehow? A version of the SAFE launcher we can run on VPSs without GUI would be really nice (easy mobile App development, custom external stroage for owncloud and so on)


You read this here:

And it is sorta correct.

When we say headless launcher, we mean something that exposes the functionality of the current launcher (API, Access Management, etc) without the necessity to have a GUI or any window manager whatsoever. What exactly that will look like (as in the current thing “without the electron stuff” or changes in “safe_core” or maybe a different software altogether) is still up for debate once the RFC lands. I do have a draft but it needs a little more time before I can raise it for public debate just yet.


Great! Looking forward to get into the RFC.