Heavy initial CPU load when running vaults

Hey guys this will be my first post in the Dev Forum,

I noticed during my setup on my server that the vaults processes are using a lot of load in the first few minutes and then drop. What is happening behind the scene here? I run safe vault run-baby-fleming --testing then after the command line is done these processes keep running for quite some time.

Memory usage was below 300mb during this time but total CPU load went too 100%.

Besides that I’m also unable to PUT files on this testing network, which is not running on shared-section and receive:

safe files put testfile.txt FilesContainer created at: “safe://hnyynycx8protch4wsbnauk7xkxpr1nna5emyq46t1aj8o3hetn3o3hbuybnc” E testfile.txt <[Error] NetDataError - Failed to PUT Public ImmutableData: RequestTimeout - CoreError::RequestTimeout>

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quite a lot, the elder group are changing fast and agreeing a new section key each time. This is a round of BLS DKG happening. It’s fairly cpu intensive. We did discuss making that simpler on new networks but decided against it as it’s more code and hopefully something that we do only once.

Always good to test you have latest versions here. Looks like perhaps you are not logged in or don’t have authd running?