'Hello World' SAFE App Example

Linking from the community forum,

I personally think a simple python script or an html web app would be the best candidates for making a simple ‘Hello World’ SAFE app that authenticates with Launcher.


Well that’s what I’m attempting to do: create a simple web app using javascript. In fact I just posted some code on the thread there.

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Have a look at this. Tell me if it helps.


How about making a tutorial around a web-based (rather than electron) re-implementation (latest version of launcher API) of a ToDo MVC APP (similar to this). I think it is a great example for the single-user-app-case (like a personal book keeping or many other tools would also be) and would allow a gentle introduction into the main concepts and ways Safe “behaves” differently (from a developer point of view).

I could also offer to do full inline docs like I did for clippy.


I keep thinking of the SAFE Acadamy idea. With the code examples should be links to code learning resources. Also keep in mind many of these languages and tutorials were written for a net with servers but we are creating a decentralized net without them. For someone trying to learn to code a new language for the SAFE network the experience is a bit different than one trying to learn for classic clearer 1.0. I realize the emphasis is on developing for the SAFE network but this is why I think specifically linking to resources and perhaps writing a few tutorials and lessons to fill in the gaps is important.

Do we have a Hello World example app yet?

Everything seems to be written in node. Node is similar but not the same as JavaScript. Perhapsadd a section for webdev folks who still use JS and other such languages.

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With the DevHub released and including instructions for a Hello World app I’m going to close this thread now - boo!
We’ll be doing updates on the Hello World instructions on the DevHub as well over the next little while.

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