How to get second invitation in order to create second acount in order to test chat app (for example)

I am experimenting with the new safe-app-android but I need to be able to use two different accounts in order to test a chat app. The problem is that when I visit I always get one and the same invitation token and when try to use it on the second device the error is “This token is already used”.
Is there a way to get second (third, etc) invitation token?

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Best way is to ask the Moderators in the community forum via a PM. Usually there is a moderator not too far away.


You can log in with a first Alpha SAFE account, do your thing and log out. And after that repeat the same for another Alpha SAFE account.
But logging in with 2 seperate Alpha SAFE accounts at the same time while only having one safenetforum account: that has restrictions (if even possible). One is: they have to be from the same IP address.

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