How to reward users and protection against reverse engineering a SAFE app


I would like to develop a self-improvement app on the SAFE Network where I can also reward the user for their hard work (as an extra incentive). For example an app where user B can attest that user A did the work and then the app awards user A some form of token for their hard work.

Does SAFE Network have a Mosaic system (kinda like Nem’s mosaic system explained here). I am worried that since the app is running locally (whether it’s on the safe browser or in a .Net app instance) that the user could go in developer-mode or reverse engineer the app and try to get additional tokens, not to mention they would have to have a second set of credentials for connecting with the Nem mosaic.

I am trying to stay within the SAFE ecosystem as much as possible as I want to reduce the barrier of entry not just to the app but also to the SAFE network.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.