How to specify the latest version when attaching an NRS to a versioned FilesContainer?

If you execute the following command:

safe files put build/

This will output the following:

FilesContainer created at: "safe://blahblah"

If you then try to use this FilesContainer to create an NRS, as such:

safe nrs create blah -l blahblah

You will get an error:

InvalidInput - The linked content (FilesContainer) is versionable, therefore NRS requires the link to specify a version

This error is fine and can be specified by selecting a version, for instance:

safe nrs create blah -l blahblah?v=1

But how would you anchor the NRS to the latest version? Essentially, I want to do something similar to:

safe nrs create blah -l blahblah?v=latest

So that whenever a user accesses the FilesContainer stored within the blah NRS, they are presented the latest version of the contained files.



That’s how we defined so NRS URLs are also perpetual, so by convention the NRS resolver doesn’t accept links which don’t have a version, and the NRS container also is versioned, that way when you use an NRS URL with a version you can still access the verson of the FilesContainer was linked to before.

To update the NRS name automatically when updating a website/FilesContainer, you can use the --update-nrs of the files sync command in the CLI, which automatically updates the NRS name to link to the new version of the FilesContainer being synced/updated. This generates a new version of the NRS name. If you give it a try with a CLI you’ll see what I mean.


Cheers for that, it gave me all of the information I needed to continue. :slight_smile:


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