Insufficient account balance for this operation - View logs

Hey buddies, Can you help me out if you ever face this kind of issue while publishing my a website? Due to this I am struck up. Please help me.

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You might have run out of permitted PUT operations for an account. Every account is restricted to certain number of PUT operations which you can see in the top right corner of the Authenticator. You can try using the browser for development which uses mock routing and then finally use the browser against actual network. Mock version stores the data locally on your computer for development and testing purpose.

You can download the mock version of the browser from the latest release. However, if you want the examples for working with mock you will have to build it on your own for now.

You can follow the instructions here and please do remember to set the NODE_ENV=dev before installing the dependencies.

Let me know if you have any difficulties trying out.

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@Krishna I have already tried to setup mock last time by looking at same page you have provided. But I am failed. I dont know whether there is any instruction missing out or not. I have checked thoroughly and tried. I may need your kind help on this.

I am trying to do it on Windows 10. If possible give me some instructions.

Thank you


Can you make sure that you have installed node-gyp properly?
Please do post the error message you get while trying to build the app

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@Krishna I have tried using EXE 64bit. Let me try this way.

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Glad to see you getting comfortable on the dev forums here.

@vjbollavarapu works with us at SAFE-FS


@WhiteOutMashups Yes. Will…

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@Krishna I tried to download mock version for windows using the link you have provided, it goes up to 91% and gives an error HTTP Error 403. Any idea??

Anyway, I would keep on try to download. If I am succeed, will update here.

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@Krishna I am succeeded in downloading it and trying to web host as well. Thank you.


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