Is MaidSAFE FOSS? Why does it have both a commercial and a GPL license?

I never put much attention to MaidSAFE thinking this was a closed-source commercial product.

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There are massive discussions on this in the user forum. Basically we have made everything core GPL 3 and API’s open (so do anything you want with the the API, license is your choice). If somebody wants a private/bespoke solution and not be open source then they would need to pay. Anyone can do anything they like in the core code as long as they maintain GPL.

That’s the short answer, the approach is to encourage free (as in beer) software practices, but for projects stuck in corporate rules they can pay and that payment just helps the open source community by funding more development there.

Hope that helps.


My apologies. I did not see that there were two forums on this site.


It is located here

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