Is there a way to delete public ID or should I keep creating new ones?


I’d like my public ID deleted, so I can continue developing my website on my latest account.

I can always create yro2,3,4,5…1,000, but that’s filling up the alpha2 network with junk.


Not sure you can do so at the moment.

Once the facility to do so is in place then the MD could be overwritten.
Also, the public name could be re-routed but again… not yet.



Creating a public ID called yro2 it is then.


For the time being yes, that’s the easiest way. In the future I was thinking the WHM or file manager could allow you to remap a public id to a random MD/xorname, so as long as you have the x number of PUT/s needed for that simple mutation in the public id then you could upload the new files with a different account. This can already be done but with some script. How about you try to write such an script? :wink: I can commit to help you here in the process, how does that sound?


x number of PUT/s… You mean account balance points?

I’m afraid I’ve spend all of those :frowning_face:


Yes, correct, so with that account you won’t be able to. However writing such an script could still be a nice exercise to learn the APIs and data representation, not trying to be pushy here, just saying for whenever/if you ever feel ready for it :slight_smile:


That was the most important one, but I assume we will eventually have an Alpha 3.

Considering I want to build a complex Maidsafe app, I think some experience comes in handy.

I’ll do it.