Lack of local development priority

Please prioritize maintaining a working local development stack. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s been more than a month that local development has not functioned.

I’m well into developing several of the SAFE Browser-based web apps requested and suggested by users of both the SAFE forum and other sites such as HackerNews, and the prolonged disruption is discouraging.

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We’ve had some blockers in terms of vault tweaks + testing needed to get the APIs updated, but this is all coming together now. So I’m hopefully that if not for the next testnet, the browser/snapp should be getting updated shortly thereafter.

Apologies for the lack of comms around the delay, but thanks for keeping on regardless :slight_smile: .


A new alpha version is available here:

Usual ‘alpha’ brand caveats apply :smiley: but hopefully should get yous back on track.



Thank you. I’ll test it shortly and report any issues I encounter here.

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Somewhat fixes a bug w/ error pages. Electron is (currently) swallowing the repsonse body of anything non 200. Not sure why, but a temp fix to still display these pages returns 200 but with the proper page display.

Most definitely a hack for now, but better than no response at all (i think).

Just FYI incase you come across it

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