Latest sn_node version does not accept test coins at all: ReadExactError(FinishedEarly)

Expected Behavior

Coins created.

Current Behavior


ERROR 2021-01-16T18:26:12.538290941+01:00 [sn_authd/requests/] Error occurred when trying to create a Safe: [Error] ClientError - QuicP2P error: ReadExactError(FinishedEarly)
ERROR 2021-01-16T18:26:12.538330589+01:00 [sn_authd/requests/] Error when processing incoming 'create' request with id 2040117667: [Error] ClientError - QuicP2P error: ReadExactError(FinishedEarly)



node run-baby-fleming --ip my.lan.ip.address
auth restart
auth create --test-coins


OS: 5.4.81-1-MANJARO-ARM aarch64

sn_cli: 0.17.1
sn_node: 0.25.26
sn_auth: 0.0.13

I believe the CLI hasn’t been udpated yet for latest node and master.

Youre best bet is to stay w/ the prior testnet releases at the moment.

@folaht I got the same error with master branch, so have been using

  • sn_node v0.25.18 commit e51fcfcd7399e3b6cbc40ef37af7ccecc80f9665
  • sn_api v0.17.0 commit 23365d409b1a538b2eb8c5138623a409e45f9601

But even these versions are not competely reliable, for example safe files put /tmp/myfile.bin does not seem to work for me. Some stuff does work, some does not, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone with the inability to test the network to the full extent desired. I am also hitting plenty of walls but am doing what I can while I wait for a more stable version.

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Once we get merged we can get ready and it should be compatible with master sn_node.


This is the last bit to merge to solve the incompatibility issues, master CLI/authd is now compatible with that sn_node branch, in case any of you wanna build them and use.


I have built this and confirmed it works.

maidsafe/sn_api at commit bfb09f28d9ff304b80354b971f8f02ffbf2a60c5


bochaco/sn_node at commit ed33fe56374dffc09d1f23f024bbd01035668f58 ie branch chore-upgrade-routing

Thanks @bochaco


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