Latest web hosting manager?

Can someone point me to the latest build of WHM (to use with SAFE Browser 0.11.0)? Thank you!

It is still hard to find the latest builds of things.

I know to go to safe_browser releases page, but nothing else is linked from there. doesn’t have a downloads page, the only easy link to find is the browser releases page (just mentioned).

Links on the documentation page are broken (e.g. this), as are links on the github readme (e.g. here).

It must discourage developers who are looking around, and it wastes time every time I want to grab the latest builds.


Hmm those repos seem to point to safe_examples. Maybe what you’re looking for is safe-web-hosting-manager-electron. Hope @bochaco / @Krishna can confirm.

Would agree with the frustrations with old links/code. We’ll get this patched up soon.


@happybeing, thats the right link for the latest version. The latest links can always be obtained from the devhub. We will also clean up the old repository to indicate where the project is moved/managed.


Thanks @viv and @krishna

There’s an issue finding that devhub page. What would help I think is an obvious route (ie Downloads link) to there from places people look, so at the top level of main landing pages, particularly from, devhub home, and Docs.

Thanks for the quick responses. I’ve been round this track before but by the time I need to do this again things have changed or I forget, and each time have found it hard to locate the info in looking for. ‘Downloads’ are one of the first things many new devs will look for, so it would be good to nail this.

EDIT: I just noticed there is an easily missed Downloads link at the bottom of the Docs page, but it goes here and isn’t much help.


Has anything changed between Peruse 0.70 and SAFE Browser 0.11.0 that would require changes to my code seeking auth from a desktop app using @benno’s bootstrap code, or any change to the format of appInfo?

My code currently auths fine using Peruse 0.70, but with SB 0.11.0 I see the browser come to the foreground, but no auth popup in the browser (this is for SAFE Drive/FUSE). I tried both SB and SBdev.

I searched the SB change log but don’t see anything there.

I guess it could be due to the change in the encoding of the auth URIs introduced in recent safe_client_lib v0.9.0, so using latest safe_app lib from your desktop app should send a compatible auth URI, in other words latest safe_app_nodejs. I’ll add a comment in as I think the fix in that issue should also cover this scenario and send response rejecting the auth, but will leave it to @hunterlester to confirm there or treat it separately.


That sounds like the issue Gabriel, thanks. I’m still using the old API so I think it is time to upgrade.

I’ve been holding back on that because when I upgraded previously it messed up the bundling of SAFE Drive into a nodejs executable, so I reverted until I had time to look into that - which I haven’t so far. I suspect that problem will be due to changes to the libraries used by the API, but it’s a tricky area to look into.

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This should be fixed now. I just updated :slight_smile:


Hey @happybeing we’ve recently updated the Docs page (found at the bottom of the DevHub website). All our docs now can be found from here :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Nadia. I’ve never seen that Docs page before because I rarely visit that website and I’ve not been taken there by any of the other pages I do use. I only go to if I have to, if I think it might have something I can’t find, which is what I did here.

When I did go to looking for downloads I didn’t find that page. But if I had, it doesn’t help me find the downloads. I didn’t realise we had two Docs pages, the other being linked from the header of this forum (which I prefer, except that the links are not always up to date). That Docs page is much quicker and easier to read, scan, find what I need - which as a Dev working on a problem, is what I need (minimal distraction from the mental space I’m in, which can take hours to recover when lost).

I really don’t like visiting for that reason, it feels unpleasant and I can’t get away quickly enough. I don’t know if other devs feel the same, we are all different.


Some great suggestions in there @happybeing - you know we like to keep improving on how we do things, so I’ll take it to the team and see what we can do. Thanks :smiley:


As a follow up to this I’ve added a Related Links section at the bottom of the latest release pages for both the SAFE Browser and WHM.
Thanks for the suggestion @happybeing