Launching an iOS or Android app

So I was thinking. What is the plan for developers distributing apps through the Apple and google play app stores? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this discussed.

The limitations I see or usibilty concerns are:
• Do the apps have to run inside of the SAFE app on these platforms?
• If not, do they have their own way of authenticating an existing or new user?
• If run through the existing SAFE app, how will new apps be presented to be chosen, or managed? i.e. App Store, etc.

So as I was writing this (I never got to try mobile examples yet, shame!) I thought of the messaging app that was available. So I’m leaning on the first bullet point. But would like some feedback.

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Not sure I understand your question. Can you try to rephrase it maybe? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @frabrunelle, like I mentioned I still have been able to test the mobile release that featured the messenger app but what I mean is. Say you have a SAFE app for iOS or Android, would the app be in their respective app stores or would you download and log into SAFE with a mobile SAFE client app and THEN access your apps?

Yes, the SAFE app would likely be in the iOS and/or Android app store(s). On Android, you could also download the APK file directly, but you might have to enable installing apps from unknown sources.

Well yes, you would need to be logged into the mobile SAFE Authenticator in order to allow the auth request sent by the SAFE app.

I’m still not sure I fully understand your question :stuck_out_tongue: Are you asking if it would be possible to download your SAFE apps directly from the SAFE Authenticator?

Another option could be to have a mobile SAFE Browser that lets you access SAFE web apps directly.

This :slight_smile:

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indeed. bybassing the data harvester’s stores is the only way to ensure Safe users would remain… safe.
Thus the only ( short term at least ) way I see is distributing a Safe browser in the big play stores ( as long as they let you do it… ) , and from there either have web apps working securely in the browser, or let ppl download the apk’s for new apps from their safe browser. ( I don’ think apple devices let you install apps this way )

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@frabrunelle what I mean is if a dev makes any old Safe app (say safetube) will it be on the respective app stores, downloaded and visible on a users device OR will users have to access the safetube app via the official Maidsafe client app.

Hope this is more clear

Well it’s not really possible to make an app accessible within another app. Unless it’s a web app.

For something like safetube, it would most likely be a separate app that users have to download in the respective app stores. Additionally, they would also likely need to have the SAFE Authenticator app if they want to login to their SAFE acccount.

Let me know if that answers your question :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay! Yes mostly, and that was my main concern but the second half of that question is would said safetube app have the authenticator as if it’s a plugin for the app or would the authenticator be a separate app on the users device?

Yes, it would most likely be a separate app. That way users only have to enter their login credentials in a single app (SAFE Authenticator) and not in every SAFE app they download.


And upon authorization of safetube then it will prompt the authenticator and once granted access, prompted back to safetube? I think that would be quite user friendly :slight_smile:

Maybe authentication could be done via a notification.

Yes, exactly :slightly_smiling_face: That’s how the current mobile examples (SAFE Authenticator and SAFE Messages) work.


Well I feel silly even questioning this but am glad for the clarification. Thanks Francis :slight_smile:

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If something is unclear it’s good to be the one who asks, because several others will be grateful. So thank you :slight_smile:

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Interesting, never really thought on how apps communicate with each other. How does this work on Android technically? Will this imply URL schemes on iOS?

Sure it is. Assuming that app contains a runtime that could run other apps. It would be kinda like a web app, but not a web app.

For example you could use react native to make a runtime for apps that would be similar to web apps, but which would use native components instead.

I suppose you could do the things described in this blog post, but instead of using it only to update your own app, add a url bar and open up for loading apps from URLs.

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