Let's free safecoin


I found the whole MaidSafe project impressive and ambitious except this “safecoin” story. Creating money by algorithm is a technological progress but why not freeing it fully respecting the Relative Theory of Money?
You might have a look at the way duniter is working to allow all members to co-create money through a Universal Dividend (kind of basic income).
Don’t take me wrong, I find the idea great to pay those who participate to make MaidSafe working by allocating space on their server and stuff. I’m just inviting you to think about an other way for the creation of the money.
And why not directly using the one existing, G1?



Duniter’s ideas look interesting, but I’d have to think more about whether we could apply them to the SAFE network. They rely on a PGP-style web of trust to ensure that 1 network account = 1 real person, which is quite different to the SAFE network where everything is currently anonymous.

For anyone else interested in reading more, I found these pages most useful:



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