Let's Talk Embedded Systems Specifically IoT

Let’s say I am working on an app that is to interact and share data with a couple of IoT devices, how do I go about the following:

  • The Architecture
  • Connectivity between these devices and the Safe Net

I will appreciate diverse opinions from community on how I can achieve these as it will help give me idea on what is possible with the Safe Net now and in the future.

More than one person has posted a little about IoT with Safe Network, here and in the community forum I think, though not recently. I did a quick search and found this from Gabriel who now works for MaidSafe, but it is quite old:

From memory I think there have been more discussions about IoT but I’m not sure there is any clear route yet.

It’s not something I can comment on but hope the above might help you get started.


Thanks very much. I will start digging here.