Libre office in the browser (compiled to WASM)

Libre Office in the Browser!

Too much for my tablet - let me know how you get on and with what machine/browser.

Firefox on Imac.

A bit slow but very interesting…

I cannot, or do not know, how to open one of my files.It creates a kind of temporary virtual disk.

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I doubt it can access the local filesystem, and this may never be possible. There used to be a browser API which allowed it, but it is deprecated and AFAIK there’s no way to do save to filesystem now, although there’s a flaky API for upload (so read only).

On Safe Network though this would not be a problem, more a benefit: save to/load from the network. That was the basis for my p2p github clone.

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I really didn’t expect such a heavy application to run in a browser. A pleasant surprise, Wasm opens a huge world of possibilities.

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Yes, WASM produces very efficient code. I just read the blog about their Rust/WASI Bartholomew CMS - their website runs from lightweight ARM VMs.