LICENSE requirements

Most of the requirements I see for contributors to the SAFE network project demand adherence to either a GPL3 license or the MaidSafe License. What about the scenario where I build an app that builds upon on pieces of other open source projects that have GPL compatible licenses, like MIT or BSD2? Will this be restricted from being used on/in the SAFE network?

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AFAIK your licensing options are not restricted if you are using the API, so unless you are linking with the MaidSafe code, no issues.

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Does the Maidsafe code (under the GPL license) not have a linking exception clause?

Also, if the Maidsafe license is in use, and the customer is linking o the Maidsafe code for their product, is the customer code not required to be under GPL?

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Yes, that’s my understanding - so if you link, you would need a negotiated license unless you use GPL.

Sorry, but I didn’t understand your first question.

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Re, first question - this link should help. The GPL is regarded as “viral” unless it has something aloong the lines of a linking exception clause. So if I wrote something that linked to the SAFE client libs, my code would need to be GPL unless the SAFE code has a linking exception clause.


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