Like the new forum logo


Different colour helps a lot, and it looks good in black.


The new “Black”

Oh Wait …


I just asked about the SAFE Dev Forum logo in the main SAFE community forum—but I guess this answers part of that question. I think the monochromatic change is nice. It differentiates the two logos/forums, without changing the appearance any more than necessary.


I just made a minor change: #595959 (dark gray) instead of #000000 (black). #595959 is one of the 3 primary colors mentioned in the SAFE Network style guide.

The black version looked good, but I think it was a bit too strong :slight_smile:


I liked the black :slight_smile:


Colour aside - and I liked the black too…

While it works well in Firefox, I suffer Internet Exploder at work and in IE11 the text looked oddly like a bad focused gif… I don’t know why… below is magnified to show what is apparent as normal size too. Perhaps IE11 doesn’t scale it cleanly??.. or maybe it needs to be a .gif rather than .png???

What does look good is the favicon relative to the other forum’s colour.


How about a version with #303030? This color is also mentioned in the SAFE Network style guide.

Version with #595959:

Version with #303030:

Version with #000000:

IMO the version with #303030 doesn’t feel too strong and also looks better than the version with #595959. I just enabled the version with #303030. Let me know you think :slight_smile:


Better… I still prefer black :wink:


Maybe we could do a poll to see what people prefer?

Please vote in this poll if you prefer one option over the others!

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Yeah exactly. From what I understand, IE11 isn’t good at downscaling images. And the reason to have larger images is to support displays that have a higher resolution. So I’m not sure there is much we can do about this. See the following posts from the Discourse forum:

We noticed in IE11 if you specify a larger logo, it does not get downscaled using bilinear as you’d expect, but something crappy like nearest-neighbor.


Well, the recommended size for retina would always be 2x the rendered size, which is going to look bad in IE forever apparently :frowning:


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