Live Reload on SAFE Browser

I’ve been playing around with the SAFE Browser for the past month but I still can’t manage to get webpack-dev-server working:

Is there a way/hack to fix this?

Currently it seems websockets crash electron with custom protocols (, so I don’t think there’s a way for livereload.

You can turn off hot module replacement injection in webpack and get the benefits of constant recompilation, but you’ll be needing to refresh ma
nually though. :frowning:


The Rotonde and Beaker communities are reporting quite a few ways to crash Beaker browser, which appear to be rooted in electron. Good news is that it appears to be a priority issue to be worked on.

Paul seems confident that it’ll be fixed by the release of Beaker 0.8.0


I’ve encountered the same problem before.

There has been a template that I was able to run successfully, although it includes Vue: vuejs-templates/webpack (documentation). Hot reloading worked perfectly, so you might take a look at the configuration of the template to figure out how it’s done.


Wow, that actually worked, thanks. I guess vue’s hot-reload is different form react’s in a way that makes it work on the SAFE Browser.


Glad it works!

That template just does not use a websocket out of the box. It uses an ‘eventsource’ stream.

I believe the error in your original post has to do with the socket library being fed a wrong URL. But, even a valid URL might not work, as @joshuef mentioned.

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