Looking for a dev to build a SAFE shop app

I would like to find an experienced developer to develop a sophisticated shop app for the safenetwork. It can not use any scripts like javascript. Strictly C or Rust for example.

I want it to be scalable so it can grow as SAFE develops and use the time we have until final release to perform tests, improvements and experiments with oracles etc.

I will pay in crypto and since we are not time constrained it could be something suitable for someone with spare time.

This is going to be the first app Iā€™d like to build as part of a number of projects I will invest in/support the safenetwork with.

Someone who understands SAFE inside out is ideal and preferably experience coding crypto projects.

Tg is my preferred contact: folieadeux1



I have experience developing e-commerce platforms and related functionality such as fulfillment, CRM, and payment processor gateway integration.

Please see my availability.

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