Mock-Routing Build

Paying $$ for a compiled version of the Alpha 2 browser that is built for mock

(and hopefully the web_hosting_manager)

Would be great to have it for Linux & Windows if possible. Will pay for either

Let me know what you think is fair. Probably crypto would be easiest

Thanks, will be a big help.

  • Will
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I can do Linux x64 builds later today, if nobody beats me to it (swamped with work right now). I can do it for free, too - it’s really just a few minutes of work, I’ll just need to modify the build scripts a bit. However, if you want to send some small amount of cryptocoins to show appreciation, I’ll gladly take it, but I’ll leave the amount to you :wink:


Here is the browser and hosting app against the mock network for you to download :wink:


Still on the lookout for the Browser & Hosting Manager built for mockR for Mac OS, if anyone has the time. Willing to pay, thanks!

Still willing to pay! :slight_smile: @maidsafe_team etc

I have a mock browser for Mac from the team but we’re still looking for the web_hosting_manager for mac.

Have 2 full time SAFE-FS guys now, I’ve been working with them every day at the office and it would be great to get going here! Working online for now, but want to speed things up thanks :slight_smile:

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