Mockup environment proposal

During the development of test applications, the current state of the mockup versions of the browser and web hosting manager make it rather difficult to play with public IDs : in order to test the behaviour of a public app, it would be really nice if we could :

  • create dummy users with totally unsafe passwords - right now you need to create ‘real’ users and the authenticator complains if you make weak passwords. It would be great to be able to create ‘dummyMary’ , ‘dummyJoe’, etc, and use these without password / secret, or really weak passwords,

  • be able to switch between dummy users just by a button click

  • be able to simultaneously log in with multiple dummy users from the same machine

  • be able to easily create public IDs on the mockup, right now the build process makes it really hard ( in fact I didn’t really manage to do that, and am using a live alpha2 account to test IDs )

EDIT : there could be a hardcoded list of dummy users in the mockup network : Alice, Bob and Carol for instance


You can do this, remove the MockVault file from the OS’s temp folder, launch the browser, create as many dummy accounts as you like (perhaps all with the same password so it’s easier to then login), close the browser, and finally make a backup of the new MockVault file created.
Anytime you want a fresh start, just replace the mock file with your backup. You can also do this to keep some data you want as a base for your dev/tests activities while developing.


excellent ! brilliant way to achieve the same :wink: I will do this asap


I’ve even used that mechanism to internally report some tricky issues as it makes it much easier to analyse and debug the problem if you have the account credentials and the data that to reproduce it.


We should probably script this out and save/import to a local (gitignored) folder to make this easier. I think that’d be pretty sweet for development across the board.