NAT Traversal with quic-p2p

Hey Dev Forum,

I am currently working on decentralised networks for my master thesis by comparing different approaches, and I found quic-p2p. I want to set up a prove of concept with some hardware and quic-p2p, to show how the NAT traversal works and do some performance testing. Therefore I wanted to set up a network with some NAT’s and nodes that run quic-p2p. I found the github page but based on the documentation, it is not clear to me, how to actually use it.

Has anyone experience with that or has done it before ?

And most important question: How far is the NAT traversal Topic ?

Of course I would like to share the outcomes of my testing.

Thanks in Advance and best regards,

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I suggest this topic is locked in favour of the duplicate thread on the community forum here: